Get to Seoul camping sites

Seoul camping ? How to get to ?

Did you decide to experience of camping in Korea? Here is key answer to support your decision. ‘How to get to campsites in Korea?’

I expect you didn’t bring your camping gear for Seoul camping.

So Namji camp site will be best place because it’s rental camp site. Rental campsite is good for Seoul camping. You don’t need to bring your camping gears.

Nanji camp site (난지캠프장) Official website (click here) -English available

Check official website. Information of fare and rental cost is available.


Seoul camping

Nanji campsite

Nanji campsite from Hongdae.

The best way to get to Nanji campsite as near as you can is by bus.

You can take metro too. But You need to walk 1~2 km. Choose best way, that is by bus.

Check the map below. Check Wholesale Jerseys the location of bus stop and camp site.

Hongdae from Nanji campsite

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Hongdae from Nanji campsite: 37.568596, 126.897068


Let’s take step by step to enjoy Seoul camping.

Step 1 : Get on bus No 7016 at Hong dae(홍대) bus stop

Check map cheap jordan shoes above. Fare will be KRW 1,100. (USD 1 value)


Step 2 : Get off the bus No cheap jordans for sale 7016 at Seo bu myun hu si heom jang(버스 면허 시험장) bus stop


Step 3 : Walk to the campsite.


What you need to bring for camping in Seoul (Nanji)

In Nanji campsite, they lend tent, burner, table, chair, mattress and lantern. It seems Nanji campsite lend everything for camping.

But notice, you need to bring cooking pot. Nanji camp has small mart. You can buy camping gear and food here. But I’m sure you don’t want to buy cooking pot.


Avoid camping on Saturday night in Nanji campsite.

Mostly Nanji is best campsite in Seoul. But during Saturday night, the campsite change to Somalia shelter. It is very crowded. And usually booking for campsite every Saturday night is full one month prior. (Other campsites in Korea also very full booking on Satureday)

You are traveler. So you can spend your time during week in this nice campsite. You don’t need to get stress in campsite on Saturday night. Going for night life is recommended during cheap football jerseys Saturday.

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