DMZ tour, DMZ Korea

DMZ tour, DMZ Korea

DMZ Korea, DMZ tour

What is DMZ Korea for DMZ tour

DMZ tour, Many foreigner are visiting DMZ or Panmunjom. Because they want to see world unique thing in Korea. DMZ and Panmunjom is result of sad history of Korea.

Now a days DMZ and Panmunjom is famous tourist spot in Korea. Frankly I’m not happy with DMZ because until the word ‘DMZ’ existing in Korea, Koreans never get peace.

Ironically, DMZ resulted one of well reserved nature in the world. Because people can not trespass in this area and there are no such things that are harm to nature. Those things are make any DMZ worth to visit.

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What is difference between DMZ and Panmunjom

Tourists should know difference of DMZ and Panmunjom, before visit. Two places are very different. If you expect more touristic, you should visit DMZ If you expect to feel big military tension between North Korea and South Korea, you should visit Panmunjom. Here is pictures you may find what is difference exactly. So you will enjoy DMZ tour more.

Panmunjom pictures below

Panmumjom Korea

Panmumjom Korea

DMZ pictures below

DMZ tour

Dorasan (near Imjingak) DMZ

Mostly, Tourists are expecting ‘Panmunjom’ style. But usually tour in Panmunjom is very difficult to apply. If local Koreans want to visit Panmunjom, they need to get certification from police station and apply to NIS (like CIA in USA) 2~3 months before visit.

And for foreigners, only 4~5 UN authorized tour agency can take foreigners to Panmunjom. Most tour agencies are taking tourists to the Imjingak DMZ. Because it is very near from Seoul. If you expect Panmunjom style, you will regret to visit Imjingak.

For DMZ tour, you should know difference.

DMZ tour

Korea has 1 Panmunjom and 5 DMZ (Imjingak, Yeoncheon, Yanggu, Cheorwon, Goseong)


  • Panmunjom (판문점) : Want to see strong tension that you can feel only in Korea. If you can visit here, you are lucky. (Only 3 UN authorized tour agency available)
  • Dorasan DMZ (도라산) : Peaceful and fancy park here. Near from Seoul. But crowded during weekend.
  • Yeoncheon (연천) : Can see wire fence. Preserved nature.
  • Yanggu (양구) : located in middle of military base. Preserved nature.
  • Goseong (고성) : Preserved nature.

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  1. Karen Montgomery says:

    I am interested in visiting the DMZ on August 10th, there would be a group of 4-6 people. Can you please let me know if you have space available on this date and the other tour details such as time of departure, pick up location, price, if lunch is included, and time of return.

    Thank you,

    Karen Montgomery

  2. highlander says:

    Sorry. We don’t reply about tour on this page.

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