Seoul subway (Metro), How to use?

Seoul subway (Metro)

Seoul subway or Metro system in Korea is just very perfect for travelers with tight budget.

If you want to enjoy walking tour in Seoul, you can get to every tourist spots in Seoul with public transportation.

Seoul subway or metro system is just like very complicated spider web. Seoul subway is very convenient but you need to make sure few things before get in.

1. Difficulties of transfer line : Variety of lines of Seoul subway (Metro)

subway lines

Many lines

Seoul subway has 17 lines. Some subway stations are connected with 5 lines. So sometimes, it feels difficult transfer subway to another line even for locals.

But there is very simple way. Always follow and check ‘subway instruction sign’.

trasfer metro

Instruction signs

transfer subway

Instruction sign

2. Buying ticket and getting deposit when you exit

You can buy ‘one way pass’ ticket from vending machine below image.

You should pay money with cash. Normal fare is KRW 1,150 (USD 1 value) if you exit further station, you have to pay more. Vending machine will let you know the fare for your destination.

And You will pay deposit KRW 500 (USD 0.5 value) at the same time you buy ticket. when you get to your destination, don’t forget to refund deposit.

seoul metro

Ticket vending machine


Single journey ticket

At your destination station, Get the deposit. Just put your ticket to ‘Deposit refund device’. And machine will refund your deposit in cash again.

The machine usually near exit gate.

subway deposit

This machine will give you back your deposit KRW 500.


Deposit refund machines are near exit gate.

If you want to know more detail how to use Seoul metro, check this site.

Official Korea tourism site

Seoul Subway map (Metro map)

Need metro map? Click image below.

Seoul subway

Click map for detail!









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