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Camping Korea information.

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Camping korea

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Camping korea: 36.633162, 127.913818

See the map above. As you can see, nearly 80% of Korean land is mountainous. It means, Korea is heaven for camping.

There are nearly 1000 thousands commercial campsites in Korea. As you can see below picture.

camping Korea

Commercial Campsites. Korea is covered by them.

Mostly campsites are run privately. If you want to use them, You need to pay USD 20~30 for 1 night. Most of private campsites are equipped with hot-shower room.

How to camping in Korea? 

Step 1. Brought camping gear ? Rental the gears is available.

Camping Korea, It will be big challenge for travelers. And I encourage your adventure.

I don’t think you will bring your own camping gear to Korea.

So there is 2 ways

  1. Camping gear rented sites : You can rent camping gear at the campsites.
  2. Camping gear rental shop : Here is one online camping gear rental shop. Sorry English is not provided. (click here)

We recommend using Camping gear rented sites. Because they lend camping gear in cheap cost and are approachable from Seoul central. There is one public (run by government) campsites near Seoul. The campsite lend tent, table, mattress, and burner (Still you need to bring pots for cooking). Other Camping gear rented sites lend only tent.

The campsite’s name is Nanji camp. Detail information is below.

Nanji camp official website (click here)

Nanji camp Korea tourism organization (click here)

If you are decide using Camping gear rented sites, you don’t need to read step 2,3.


Step 2. Sorry You need a car

99% of campsites (public or private) are available to approach by car. There are few places you can approach by public transportation in Seoul, if you are ready to walk 2~4 km with your camping gear. But you can choose taxi from metro station.

Next time we will post campsites that are approachable from your hostel (Seoul central).

The best way of camping Korea is rent a car or have own car.


Step 3. Find any campsites you want

Here is one website that list up campsites well with map.

Click here : : Unfortunately, they don’t provide English website. Click  ‘캠핑장지도’  tab. You can see the map.

Notice : For Saturday night camping, you need to book by phone or website earlier. But I don’t recommend you to camping at Saturday night. Because it is too-packed. Local calls ‘Saturday campsites in Korea are Somalia shelter’. If you expect calm and meditation atmosphere of nature, private campsites on Saturday are such a bad choice.


Camping Korea Tour.

WCP adventure provides best and enjoyable camping Korea tour with cheap, fun and unique travel.

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