Travel in Korea

Travel in Korea by yourself?

We support travelers and backpackers. Even you are not a customer.

WCPadventure’s idea is ‘Understanding world through backpacking’

We support all backpackers, doesn’t really matter you sign up our tour or not.

We wish, travel in Korea will be helpful you to understand our idea.

travel korea. understand world

World is smaller than we think. Let’s understand world.

This page will let you know mainly direction to your destination.

How to get to Seoraksan (click)

How to get to Darangee village (click)

How to get to Boseong green tea field (click)

How to get to Haesindang park (click)

How to get to DMZ (Dorasan-Imjingak) (click)

How to get to Haeinsa (click)

by youself. check link.


Travel in Korea now? Don’t miss free tour.

If you travel in Korea now, WCPadventure provide free tour.

Our office is quite far from Seoul city central. But there are many attraction of tradition, lake and night life. For more information of city Goyang click here

If you are intrested our free offer, click here

free tour, be friends.

Who wants the free thing! free hostel, free tour. But racists are not allowed. Be friends, be sharing free things


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