Private tour Korea (Custom tour)

Private tour Korea


Private tour camping Korea

We usually provide ready-made-camping-tour for adventurers from all over the world.

And there are lots of demanding for private tour Korea. So we decided to run private tour Korea!

WCP members are also very exciting with this new private tour. Because It will be fun and more adventure work for us too.

What you are available with WCP’s private tour Korea?

Simply everything. We usually don’t visit cities during our ready-made camping adventure tour.

But For customized tour Korea, you can do everything.

Here is examples.

1. Activities : rafting, surfing etc

2. Tourist spot : Seoraksan, Darangee village etc

3. Festival : Mud festival etc.

Anything. Check map below for your reference.

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Private camping tour Korea

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Private camping tour Korea: 36.738884, 127.913818

private tour korea


Price guide line for WCP’s Private tour Korea

WCP’s camping adventure tour’s most value is ‘FUN, CHEAP and UNIQUE’. For customized camping tour, It was hard to keep our one of value ‘Cheap’ for private tour. But we tried our utmost effort for this.

It is hard to give you firm and specific price guide line for private camping tour. Because we can not expect what you exactly want. But here is price range for Private tour Korea.

USD 90 ~ 200 /per day & person.  (Include food plan, transport, camping and entrance fee. But activities costs are not included such as rafting, surfing etc)

Maximum number of people is 4.

Mimimum number of people is 1.

Minimum requested day of tour is 2 days.

We expect price for 4 people will be about USD 110 / per day & person

For 1 person, around USD 320 / per day & person. Price can be changed.

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You will have camping adventure with this our awesome car

private tour korea

Moving mode

private tour korea

Camping mode

private tour korea

Have a life long memory with WCP’s private camping adventure.

Contact us

Please send us your request.

Information we need to know to make private camping adventure.

Please provide us informaiton listed below. You just need to write in ‘Your message’ box.

1. Place you want to visit

2. Duration of tour you want

3. Activities you want to do

Here is link for send us message

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1 Response

  1. Eugene Lin says:

    I have booked a flight to seoul on arriving dec 16 820am and leaving dec 21st 425pm

    I was wondering if u could arrange a customized tour and activities for me in korea at this time.

    I have already arranged for accomodation at yellow brick hostel for 5 nights but i have not paid and can cancel if i find something better.
    my requirements for accomodation are
    1) private room
    2) clean
    3) private bathroom
    4) wifi
    5) hot water shower

    Dont mind if can find a hanok house but I dont like sleeping on the floor.

    I have also bought and paid for a Korail pass for 6 days..

    Here are the things I would like to do.
    1) visit multiple places in korea (like seoul, busan, geongjam maybe jeju)

    some Activities I would like to do
    1) Skiing
    2) Sea or lake fishing
    3) light shopping
    4) adventure activities
    5) trying different and unique korean foods
    6) play poker (if there are tournaments in the area i am visiting)
    7) unique spa experiences
    8) any other recommended activities

    I am more of an adventure/experience based traveller and Im not that into sights or heavy shopping. I would like to try different things that are not to touristy. uniqueness is important

    dont have a huge budget so would appreciate some recommendations

    I look forward to hearing from you

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