Haeinsa tour info

Haeinsa tour
Haeinsa tour info

Haeinsa tour info

Haeinsa is one of largest temple in Korea. Haeinsa is famous with 80,000 pieces of wood scriptures.

Unfortunately, 80,000 of wood scriptures are not opened for public now.

The reason is protect and preserve the scriptures.

Haeinsa tour

This place is not open for public now. But you can see part of it.

But you can still see part of scriptures. So Haeinsa tour is still worth to visit.

You can see beautiful nature around temple.Also temple stay in here is available.

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Haeinsa tour

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Haeinsa parking (start): 35.793237, 128.093988
Haeinsa museum: 35.793718, 128.094669
Haeinsa bridge: 35.794166, 128.094731
Haeinsa inter road: 35.794657, 128.094876
Haeinsa: 35.794929, 128.094293
Haeinsa: 35.795991, 128.094878
Haeinsa: 35.796215, 128.095061
Haeinsa: 35.796879, 128.095425
Haeinsa inter road: 35.796948, 128.095533
Haeinsa: 35.797731, 128.095973
Haeinsa: 35.797966, 128.096348
Haeinsa: 35.798582, 128.096391
Haeinsa trail: 35.798958, 128.096327
Haeinsa bridge: 35.799272, 128.096187
Haeinsa entrance: 35.799907, 128.096058
Haeinsa: 35.800351, 128.097190
Haeinsa: 35.800716, 128.097496
Haeinsa: 35.801047, 128.097684
Haeinsa: 35.801182, 128.097796
Haeinsa: 35.801273, 128.098016
Haeinsa: 35.801425, 128.098172
Haeinsa: 35.801647, 128.097995
Haeinsa tree: 35.801934, 128.097732
Haeinsa: 35.801186, 128.098338
Haeinsa: 35.801208, 128.098601
Haeinsa: 35.801351, 128.098585
Haeinsa: 35.801473, 128.098660
Haeinsa 80,000 wooden scriptures: 35.801543, 128.098585
Haeinsa: 35.801826, 128.098344
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UNESCO World Cultural Heritage

Don’t miss this temple. It is one of world heritage.

Also is best Buddhism heritage in Korea.

Here is more info. Click here (Official Korea tourism) 


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