Darangee village tour info

Darangee Village tour (Darangyi village)

Darangee village tour

 Darangee Village tour, in harmony with the sea, mountains, and cultural heritage
Darangee Village tour displays the perseverance and hard life of our ancestors, who made terraced farmlands of over 100 steps on the foothills up to 45°-slopes of Mt. Sulhul using stone support.

Our ancestors were so hardworking and frugal he would plant on any vacant space even the smallest area possible. And so, a traditional story was told that once upon a time, a farmer, working and counting his rice strips, found that one of his rice strips was missing.

He looked everywhere but did not find it. As he was about to go home, he picked up his straw hast and found the strip underneath. Hundreds of these small and large fields of over 300 pyong (please translate the unit to metric) contoured terraces are found around the mountainside, creating an attractive landscape that blends with the sea.

This village has been chosen as an excellent ecology village by the Ministry of Environment, thanks to its heaven-sent natural resources – the crabs in the brooks, its Ulaeji, Yongdam, Gamauji, and other endowments.

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Darangee village Tour map (Darangyi)

For Darangee village tour map, check map below. Pictures and street views will help your touring.

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Darangee village tour map

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Start point: 34.727754, 127.890918
Darangee village: 34.727680, 127.891634
Darangee inter road: 34.727056, 127.892339
Darangee pavilion: 34.727091, 127.893050
Darangee village: 34.727523, 127.893514
Darangee inter road: 34.727629, 127.894115
Darangee village: 34.727422, 127.894091
Darangee village: 34.727331, 127.893941
Darangee The rice grave: 34.727005, 127.893898
Darangee village: 34.726551, 127.893981
Darangee village: 34.726751, 127.894053
Darangee village: 34.726339, 127.893914
Darangee village: 34.725773, 127.894257
Darangee village: 34.725702, 127.894598
Darangee pavilion: 34.725887, 127.894887
Darangee village: 34.726231, 127.894946
Darangee village: 34.726496, 127.895612
Darangee bridge: 34.726668, 127.895869
Darangee pavilion: 34.726452, 127.896255
End of Darangee: 34.726853, 127.896937
Darangee village: 34.725080, 127.894718
Darangee village: 34.725229, 127.894443
Darangee village: 34.725370, 127.894319

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