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Reviews, Testimonial

This is an excellent small company that provides quality camping/travel adventures in South Korea. The service is first class and relaxed and the options are varied. This is an outstanding way for the budget
traveler to experience the country in a safe and fun way!! Highly recommended!! Think of going on a road trip with a friend…..you have the freedom to help select what, when and where.

WCP Adventure-Camping Tour Seoul and Beyond

We still have in our memories our beautiful journey through the Jirisan National Park last year.
Our Korean friends in Singapore, they’re always very impressed by what we did together.
We wish you, your wife and family a happy New Year!

From Netherlands

My friend and I did the Healing Korea tour.
Everything was great and comfortable, Andy and his fiancee are very nice people, helpful and fun! We really enjoyed talking to them!
The tent was great and all the equipment Andy has is very modern
He is very organized and very professional.
Before the tour we exchanged many emails and he was always very polite and helpful.
The food was nice and we even had WiFi that they created with their cellphones, which helped us stay in touch with our friends even during camping.

We would totally recommend WCP Adventure for nice cheap tours in Korea!

Thank you a lot!


Great tour!From Greece
Reviews, Testimonial

My husband and I trekked up seoraksan with Chan from wcp adventure on Christmas and boxing day. Chan was an amazing guide with a background in alpineering, a lot of consideration was given to the logistics of the trip and our needs and comfort throughout. We experienced the gradeur of seoraksan in snow and many other things which we otherwise may not have able to discover without our guide. We are very grateful to Chan for the unique and unforgettable hiking trip.

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Reviews, Testimonial

3 of us did the Korea East Tour with WCP Adventure Camping in July 2013. It was a good way to experience a bit more of Korea & were glad we did it. Some of the places we visited would have been hard to get to without a car but this way we had someone to explain & organise it for us. It was good value, as well as great to be outdoors & see more than just city tourist spots. Sitting round the BBQ at night, near the beach, was particularly lovely as was climbing up Mount Seoraksan. Andy our guide was very conscientious re: our wellbeing & most helpful before & at the end of our trip & he helped us get the bus to our next destination. The camping kit and transport is new & very good. However, it is camping, so be prepared to rough it a bit, particularly with washing facilities. The places we stayed were mainly car parks in scenic locations rather than specific camping sites.We had just done a templestay (sleeping in dormitories on the floor) and had been staying in a traditional style B&B so the camping was fine for us. It is a new small company so the trips had not been running long and not everything went as smoothly as Andy would have liked – but for us that was part of the charm – & the adventure!

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