Ice fishing tour

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    Fishes you caught are all yours!
  • 20140121_155948
    You can eat fishes that you catch. It is sushi
  • 20140121_160959
    You can BBQ the fishes you catch
  • 20140120_181424
    Main street of ice fishing festival in Hwacheon
  • 20140121_121121
    Waiting for fish

Fishes you caught are all yours. You can eat or leave the fishes. People will make the fishes ‘Sushi’ or ‘BBQ’ with KRW 2,000 /per fish!

Playing, adventuring, catching! and eating!

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  1. even says:

    Hi, we (3 of us) are planning to go to Seoul around Christmas and we are interested to spend a few hours on ICE FISHING. Please advise if there is any day trip for ice fishing. Besides, will it be very cold then as we reside in Hong Kong and may not be able to take some extreme weather. Thank you very much.

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