Hiking with WCP Adventure

  • IMG_1634
    Seoraksan trekking
  • IMG_1610
    Trekking Seoraksan
  • IMG_1615
    Having dinner in Seoraksan lodge
  • IMG_1627
    Trekking before sun rising. Inspirational
  • IMG_1631
    Hiking Korea, Trekking
  • IMG_1637
    Snow flower at the peak of Seoraksan
  • IMG_1639
    Sun rising
  • IMG_1642
    At the highest peak of Seoraksan
  • IMG_1647
    Stop point in Seoraksan
  • IMG_1655
    Seoraksan tour with WCP
  • IMG_1664
    Lodge we slept

Having unforgettable trekking with WCP. All our guides are experienced. Mt. Seoraksan, Jirisan or any other mountains are available with WCP’s hiking tour. Please contact us!

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