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Seoul to Jirisan 0

JUN-23rd. 3D1N. Jirisan trekking

Duration : Jun 23rd(Mon) – Jun 25th(Wed) 3D 1N Member fee : USD 350 Available : 5 sheets now. Booking : Click here Sleeping in 1 night in Jirisan lodge. Hiking Korea, Best way to enjoy this mountainous nation....


MAY-25th. 2D1N. Adventure Korea East

Duration : May 25th(Sun) – May 26th(Mon) 2D 1N Member fee : USD 195  Available : 2 sheets now. Booking : Click here Adventure Korea East, The real camping! Adventure Korea East, Basic information. Adventure Korea tour info Duration...

Boseong geen tea filed, beautiful place in korea 0

MAY-21st. 2D2N. Healing Korea South

Duration : May 21st(Wed) – Jun 23rd(Fri) 2D 2N Member fee : USD 230 Available : 1 sheets now. Booking : Click here Healing Korea. Basic information of Healing Korea South Duration : 2 days 2 nights. Cost :...

Ice fishing festival 0

Ice fishing tour

Fishes you caught are all yours. You can eat or leave the fishes. People will make the fishes ‘Sushi’ or ‘BBQ’ with KRW 2,000 /per fish! Playing, adventuring, catching! and eating!

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